TNT2 Pro -> GF2 GTS upgrade probs

Ok, I just got a cheap Creative Labs GF2 GTS in place of my old TNT2 Pro, and everything works fine, except that I am having severe problems with DirectX. I do not yet have the latest drivers (but it wouldn’t help anyway; this is most likely a problem with redundant information, and I can’t find a nVidia driver nuker new enough for the DetXP driver series), and I’m using DX8.1 on Windows 2000 Pro. I can one DirectX app per boot. In Need for Speed 3, one of the initial load screen texture blocks is corrupt, and on Project64 (a sweet N64 emulator), all textures are corrupt. There are absolutely no problems under OpenGL, so this is not a hardware issue, nor an issue with anything low-level. This is certainly an issue caused at an API[->driver] level. I’m wondering if I should just format and rebuild Windows, but I did that just two weeks ago, and I don’t want to have to redo all my tweaks and software installations. Any ideas?