Tnt2 M64 Help

Hi all. I have a palit Tnt2 m64 video card with the Nvidia chip. Everytime i try to install it it always says ‘display is not correctly configured’ or something and asks if i want to enter the hardware setup wizard. After i finally get it running and trying to install the newer drivers from Nvidia it says the same thing when i reboot, im using Win98SE anyone have any ideas? its driving me insane. Also when i use opengl in Half-Life it locks up and stutters heaps, And dont get me started on Direct3d…it takes 20 seconds for the screen to move after ive moved the mouse

Thank you in Advance.

Gareth Collins

Make sure there is an IRQ assigned to the graphic card that is not used otherwise.

How would i do that? theres no conflicts in the graphics card or any other system resources. I have an older motherboad (not TOO old tho) the only thing you can choose for IRQ in the bios is either Reserved or On

ok, i got the Nvidia drivers installed finally…but now the detonator drivers wont work? and it keeps saying i have a gm1000 installed when it DOES work, then when i reboot it comes back with ‘this display device is not configured correctly’ now i cant even install the original drivers, any ideas?

Are you sure there’s no errors in the Device Manager? It sounds like you’re having a hardware conflict, otherwise you shouldn’t have those troubles every time you reboot.

Is it an AGP or a PCI card? If it’s PCI you could try it in another slot on your motherboard…

Yeah its PCI. ive tried all the slots available but it still does the same thing :stuck_out_tongue: i went through every single piece of hardware i had an it said there was no conflicts for any of them

Did you get the drivers from the Nvidia website?

Did you do a clean install of the video card drivers? Meaning, uninstall the old ones, select “Standard VGA Device” for the display adapter, reboot, then install the new drivers you’ve downloaded.

Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t think of anything else at the moment…

Yakuza is probably right.

You need to uninstall an existing driver, prior to install a new one.

Also you should disable any antivirus software you may have while installing the new ones.

If that did not help I would say its really a hardware problem of some sort (difficult to say without actually sitting in front of that system).

Yeah ive tried that too i made sure the computer could see all the hidden and system files and searched them all out and deleted them. then even removed everything from the registry corresponding to it, still no luck. I even tried a fresh reinstall of windows after a low level format…it still does the same thing

i really hate it

You don’t have any on-board video, do you? Perhaps that isn’t disabled and is fighting with the PCI card? Has this config ever worked, or always been problematic? Do you have an AGP slot on your board? What motherboard is it? You have DirectX 8.1 installed? Do you have any old/weird cards installed, like some ancient scsi card, or an old ISA modem or something weird like that?

Just trying to brainstorm here…

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yeah, i mean sometimes it installs…sometimes it doesnt. it was weird tho yesterday, i just turned off my comp for a few hours then turned it back on and the card was fine, so i think i may have a card that overheats or has a problem with the heatsink. is there any way to get a fan for the heatsink or anything? or am i just dreaming?

no, i dont have any onboard graphics or sound, or an ISA modem. or anything like that.

I have directX 8.1 installed. but it says nvdisp.dll (or is it Vxd?) isnt properly signed…i thought it wouldve been as the card came with directx8 on the CD

If you think the problem might be heat related, why don’t you open up the case on your computer, and point a regular house fan at the open side to ventilate the heck out of it.

Admittedly that’s overkill, but it might help troubleshoot the problem.

lol believe it or not but ive already tried it my case overheats easily so i took it off a few months ago, its not really a problem cos its a desktop case, not a tower or anything. It seems to be going fine at the moment tho…untill i try to install new drivers again…ick