TNT2 + HL running opengl = :(

I run my comp {pent 450, 196 mb ram, tnt2 32mb (****ty brand)} latest half-life, dx8, latest nvidia reference driver thingos and yay i can select opengl mode i can run it but when i start any type of game (e.g. single or multi) it says loading (in italics for about 2 secs) then BANG the screen goes all fudged up (pretty colours and stuff)

it keeps on loading (hard-drive activity) but nothing happens i can alt-tab out and nothing is locked up but it the screen has all these pretty colours :stuck_out_tongue: (it doesn’t seem to load the game fully cause i can’t shoot any guns or anything)

Any help would be much appreciated (or if this has been asked previously tell us the date)…Any help much appreciated

Before you run HL close any program that might be in the system tray, like realplayer, AIM, ect. and close any other programs that might be running. Check to see if your low on free space on your drive. Disable any virus scanner running. Click the settings in the display properties then click “advance” and go to the TNT 2 tabe and click “additional properites” on ckick the OpenGL tab and check those settings. Also try another OpenGL game like Quake III if you doen’t have it download the demo. Does your card have a fan or heatsink, maybe it’s getting to hot.

Look in your WIN.INI file. Look for DVA=0. If you find it, put a semicolon ; in front of it so that it looks like this:


If you don’t find DVA=0 in your WIN.INI file, I have no idea what the problem might be. Good luck.

I have a similar problem, I’m running a K6-2 450, 64 megs of Ram and a Viper Ultra, and ANYTHING that uses opengl locks the system up, I’m talking from Quake 3 Arena to winamp visualizations, to screensavers and everything in between. I have the detonator 3 drivers and everything, and it just locks up tighter than fort knox under martial law.

I have found the solution to your problems Along the way, valve forgot to direct to GL drivers to the game. All YOU have to do is goto sierra/half-life/gldrv folder, copy the 3dfxgl.dll (for me I have a voodoo but the default nvidia dll should be somewhere) file to the sierra/half-life folder. The game should run fine now! If the DLL is not there, search your hard drive.