TNT2 32meg M64 = Half Life Problems!!!!!!!!

Yes… well when i run quake 3 or half life… counterstrike on the internet multiplayer game… and try run it in open GL it doesn’t work!
it goes all fuzzy and then it locks and needs to be rebooted…

my system is… PIII 450 128 ram and the TNT 2 32 Meg M64… i use the latest detenator drivers… for the card… i have a GIGABYTE motherboard aswell i hope you guys can help!!!

My Prob Is exactly the same wif u!!! haf u solved it ?
pls contact me if u haf k…
icq 20306909

I’m having trouble too, have to run in crappy diret x coz open gl wont work

If you have another video card installed, disable it. Also, you might just try uninstalling the TNT card and then re-setting it up from scratch using the detonator 3 drivers. I had this problem at one time and I think that’s how I fixed it. But I’ve also seen the problem on some machines where it’ll run DX fine but not OpenGL. And HL will lock up alot. I have no idea on that count… I’ve never seen that problem resolved.