TNT 2 M64 PROBLEMS!!!!!!

I have a tnt 2 m64 but my framerates are oh so very crappy…when i play counterstrike the most fps i ever get is like 15 and that is when im alone…all the other times it is like 7-10…i know this cant be right…someone please help me with this problem…here is my system specs.

processer - 550 mmhz amd k6-2
vid card - tnt 2 m64 32 mb pci
memory - 384 mb sdram

thank you

I think counter strike has 3 rendering modes:

  • OpenGL
  • Direct3D
  • software
    It sounds like you are running in software. Check the other two in Video->options or similar and pick the one that works best.

no im runnin open gl at 640 x 480…when i run software its even crappier…direct3d is about the same

Did you try to install the latest Detonator 3 drivers?