Tips for a beginner?

Hello, this is my first post here. I want to escalate my programming knowledge by learning how to use opengl with c++ and to make 3d games. However, I am totally new to this, and I wonder if I could get some good advice from you guys. I don’t know where to start… I have questions like should I get glut, SDL or something else, what is the difference between them, which of them has the most tutorials etc…
It would be awesome if I could get some simple tips on where to start and maybe some good links to some basic programming tutorials with c++ and opengl.
Also I’m sorry if there already is a thread for this, I didn’t actually check :doh:, stupid me… Besides this I will hopefully post more on this forum in the future, if I don’t give up of course :stuck_out_tongue:

++ How strong are your programming skills in C++? If you are relatively new then I would suggest starting with something like Allegro and learn 2D game programming. A lot of the game programming concepts are the same and the Allegro library is extremely easy to use. Once you have the basic game programming skills learn SDL. Once you are comfortable with SDL then start working through the various Modern OpenGL tutorials on the internet. There is a ton out there and as long as it involves writing shaders its relatively current. I would provide links but the prior two instructions will probably take a bit of time and OpenGL likes to keep moving, which is a good thing but can be frustrating for new users. Besides, having become recently adept with OpenGL myself I can reliably say there are MANY good tutorials out there on google. Learning 3d game programming is not something you can pick up in an evening or two. It will take years to have any proficiency. If you understand that then just take your time, work on mini projects along the way and you will get there if you have the patience. Also, if you want to make games then plan on doing most of the work yourself - that includes sound, modelling and digital art. Might want to learn Blender while you are at it. All of this is IMHO, obviously.

I would suggest using SFML over SDL for non-3D applications, it is significantly easier to use than SDL.