Hi everyone, I have a question about timers. There are basically 2 ways I know off to use timers…one is to determine the fps you want…and in the game loop to check if its time to render. The other method is to render whenever there is a chance and move objects based on how much time has elapsed since last rendering. Both methods make it possible for your game to run on different systems at the same speed. I am wondering what the standard way is for most game developers to use timers in there games. One other thing to mention is that with the first method you could also use a timer of how often to poll the keyboard and mouse to keep that the same on different systems. The second you could also see how much time is passed since last polling and and base how much change on time elapsed. So basically I am looking for the standard on using timers for graphics and input. Thanks for any help!


The most commong way is to change things by the amount of time each frame.
( Using 3d cards anyway ).


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