Timer Please!!!

I need a timer for fps that will work on an sgi and windows

Thank you

I’d have to speak to a matey of mine, but I can tell you that it is a pain to get SGI’s to give accurate frames/sec counts.

er, no. sgi’s are eaaaaaaaaasy to code timers for.

i’ll try and hunt down my code, or the man page on it…

it was one of the things i was looking for, but i need to also find the accurate timer, but on sgis, check out


which is a profiling library database.

(it comes on the IRIX6.5 distribution, but you need to have it installed, of course)


a-HA! here it is. get the man pages on timers (for a discussion of SGI clocks) and on syssgi for the ultimate timer True, it’s a tiny bit more involved than a gettimeofday, but it is a very cool high resolution timer. you can also use syssgi to toggle the leds on the front box! (fun for ALL the family it includes src, btw