Timeline? Status?


I’ve recently picked up a new Pocket PC 2002
“super phone”… and of course, one of the
first api’s I took a look at was the graphics
api. Very simple, very easy to use.

So my next question was… is there a compact
3d library based in c or c++ that i can
port to this thing? I came across OpenGL ES.

I’m posting to see if there is a timeline
for a sample implementation of ES? If so
what language will it be in? Do you need
any help?

Jim http://www.mathies.com/

Hi Jim,

I don’t think that there is likely to be a “free” sample implementation, although the compatibility with OpenGL probably means that somebody might modify Mesa to create a Mesa ES implementation.

The timeline is likely to mean that a specification will be released in Q1 2003.

I would expect that a number of implementations to be available at that time. There has been no interest from Microsoft yet, so I can’t say for sure whether there will be an implementation for PocketPC platforms.
The OpenGL ES effort is currently “private”, and covered by various NDAs and the like. However you can contribute to the effort by commenting on the types of operations which you feel are important.

It is always dangerous to ask for that kind of feedback, and I trust you understand that we will take your feedback in consideration with that of many others. Although we may or may not include all or some your ideas, we are trying to be very pragmatic in our approach, and to hear all opinions. Your arguments may swing a currently hung decision.

Chris Hall
Seaweed Systems Inc.
OpenGL ES Contributor

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Please see my “OpenGL ES implementation” post

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