hey do i make tles for mt engine i dont even now how to print them on to the screen is it just a box at like some degree or what

There’s an interresting thread running on the advanced board covering the quality of your english.

sorry i was in a hurry i had to go somewhere and i wanted to send this before i went ?? Here the question goes again. How do i make a terian in gl for a isomap it seems that there are no examples im looking at one right now, nice code too .

The simplest way might be to just use quads. But you can’t interpolate the height values with this easy attempt, so if the density of your iso-map is not high enough and the values change heavily you’ll get ugly results.
There are however great (and complicated) algorithms to interpolate an iso-map (ever heard about “surfer”?). You could then increase the resolution only at places where necessary.

no i havnt, im thinking about going and buying a book but when ever i have the money dont have a job right now

Surfer is a software which can create smooth height-diagrams out of a raster of height values. It’s a great example for what I mean.

might want to take a look at this . It’s based on DirectX ( i think ), but the theory there is pretty solid. If you’re looking to make your standard tile engine, the link above will probably be a good start. I agree with Michael that simple quads will work just fine, but that nagging voice in my head always screams “triangle strips!”


Yes of course you’ll be doing strips, but the theory stays the same… =

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, i will be back and with better questions or harder i mean.