tiles quality


i’ve just read a cool tut about tiling wich was saying that common size for tiles is 1616 or 3232.

can it be usefull to have bigger tiles ?
can it be a gain in quality ?

2nd questions,

is mip mapping, the only way to have a good texture quality when you’re very close to a wall ?


Yes, of course can bigger textures give better quality. (?)
Even if you are using mipmapping do you probably get better results if you also are applying a detail texture.

Mip mapping won’t give you better detail when closer, it will reduce crawling when you’re far away. And if you use bigger tiles, you can have fewer tiles, which means that you’ll have less variation so it might look a bit more repetetive. 16 pixels is probably on the small side though, that’s what I used when I used to do stuff on my amiga in 340x256 resoloution.

tanks for replying,
ok for mipmap, it’s to reduce nasty visual effects when you 're going far from the texture.

so, what is a good size to use now for tiles, with the great ram capacity that we have ?

and what is a detail texture ? maybe you mean
a wood texture or a metal texture, depending of what is textured, to look natural.

currently, i use 64*64 tiles , no lightning, no mipmap, and when i’m close to the wall, it’s blurred.

i have played to unreal T this week and the textures looked very beautifull even from very close.

i have forget to mention that i use bmp textures, i’m not sure of the number of colors, but it may be in 16 bits if i remenber well, is it enought ?

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I thought you were talking about 2d tiles, not the size of textures. You can safely use 256x256 textures on just about all hardware, and if you’ve got a newer card you can go much higher. Unreal uses detail mapping, i.e. it modulates the texture by a second detail texture when you’re close to add high frequency detail.

ok, i’m sorry,
i was talking about tile instead of texture size.

what do mean "all by hardware "?

i will try 256*256 wich is the best that my 3dfx3 can handle.


Here will you find a introduction to detail textures. http://reality.sgi.com/blythe/sig99/advanced99/notes/node88.html

This is another thing that you can do with multitexturing.

tank you,
it’s usefull.