Ti4200 and nForce2 w/ OpenGL

I have a Ge4 ti4200 on an MSI K7N2 (nForce2) w/ 512 MB Ram and a XP 2000+.
OpenGL will not work on this system at all. It will open the application, but any OpenGL functions are extremly glitchy (flickering, clipping and such), for approxtimatly 1-3 minutes, then hang. The system still functions, and I can always close the application. D3D works ‘perfectly.’ This is the second identical (mfgr and model) card that has had the issue (some of the memory on the first one went bad). If the card is replaced by a Ge4 Mx440, there is no OpenGL issue (this is w/o any setting alterations), and if the Ti4200 is placed into the system the Mx440 came from it is also flawless. That system is a XP 1800+ with 256 MB Ram also running on an MSI nForce2 based board.
This is definatly a hardware issue as it rears it’s head in WinXP and Linux. I am confounded as to why it is happening though, I know the card is good since it works in the second system just fine.
Has anyone else run into this issue or something similar? I would list some error messages, but I don’t get any. I am of a mind to think I may have to look for BIOS updates. Any help is greatly appriciated.

Did u try the latest detonators drivers ?
and compleley remove the MX in order to make the ti work right

i began building it from the ground up with the Ti, the Mx was put in just to test. It is not a driver issue as it affects both windows and linux. i think it has to be some sort of bios conflict with the motherboard. and yes, they are the most recent drivers.