Threaded optimization

NVIDIA has released R310.14 dirvers for Linux. An interesting feature is a “OpenGL threaded optimizations”. __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS environment variable controls offloading of the driver’s CPU computation to a worker thread. It should boost performance of the computation intensive applications, but decreases performance when using state-reading commands. In any case very interesting new feature.

Is there any similar option on Windows, or is it planned for the foreseeable future?

Pretty sure I’ve seen folks suggesting this be turned off or toggled when having problems to see if it is the cause on Windows for 5+ years. Might check your NVidia Control Panel Settings. Can help with some use cases and hurt in others.

Thanks for the tip!

Yes, there is a “Threaded optimization”. The description in the NV Control Panel is vague, that’s why I haven’t tried to experiment with that.

Description: Allows application to take advantage of multiple CPUs.

Typical usage scenarios:

  • Most newer applications should benefit from the Auto-select or On settings.
  • This settings should be turned off for most older applications.

Thanks again!

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