thorus knots & metaballs

where can i find information about making thorus knots and metaballs in windows(of course under opengl)

Hi !

A torus is pretty simple a number of circles rotated around another circle and make triangles out of it, glut/glu has source code you can look at.

Metaballs and knots are a little more complicated, I guess you could give google a shot, there should be some information.

A have seen a number of libraries with support for metaballs mesh generation but I don’t remember any names at the moment.


The saver source code on this page includes an implicit surface libary for drawing metaballs:

Just to up the ante on this question a little, does anyone know how to write an implicit surface equation that draws a torus knot? And I don’t mean just the sum of a bunch of sphere equations; that would be too easy :slight_smile: