This is gonna sound stupid, but

i’m trying to get opengl on redhat 7.1, and i installed the 2 rpm’s for my nvidia. but i forgot to modify the x86 config file before i restarted the x server. now it doesn’t work at all (black screen). so how do i start in text mode in order to recover? can i modify the config file from text mode?

What I tend to do when I make the same mistake (which is quite frequently) is boot from a Linux boot disc (you do have one, don’t you ), then edit /etc/inittab to change the default run-level to 3, then reboot. Once you have XF86 properly config’ed, change the default run level back to 5.

In principle you should also be able to access a virtual terminal by pressing Alt-1, Alt-2, … Alt-4, but that never seems to work for me (I think I screwed something up).

Try Ctrl+Alt+1 instead…


If none of the above work, and you’re using lilo as your boot loader, pass “singleuser” without the quotes as an argument to your kernel.

thanks everyone…i was able to boot to run level 3 and fix the x86config file. now everything looks like its working fine.

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