They compile(I'm one step ahead than somebody down there) but all htey give me is a

I am really, really new to this stuff…I’ve downloaded Mesa, installed it (I think I did that part all righ, coz it’s compiling…) but the only outputs I get are blank screens!

Pentium 4
Linux 7.2 Is all I know about this machine.

I’m clueless about how you determine the graphics card or hatever…A part of /proc/pci says

"VGA compatible controller: PCI device 1002:5446 (ATI Technologies Inc)
IRQ 11.
MAster Capable . Latency=64. Min GNt=8.
Prefetchable 32 bit memory at Oxf8000000 [Oxfbffffff].
I/O at OxecOO [Oxecff].
Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at Oxff9fc000 [Oxf9ffff]

I don’t know what to make of it though…
Also, I could’nt find the changes ww have to make to the X11 config file in the README as somebody mentioned earlier…

Can somebody please help me out,

You cannot get acceleration with ATI cards in PCI bus.

Thank you so much for replying, I’ve been stuck for hours and hours.
“ATI cards on PCI”
~Does that mean I have to get a new card?
~And what about the changes to the XF86config file, I could’nt find anything in any of the READMEs(and gosh, there are a lot of them!)
~One last one…do we HAVE to link X11 when we compile? If so, is it the /usr/X11 directory or /etc/X11 or,actually, htere are quite a few and apparently I am looking for a file and not a directory since I -“l” and not -“L”
NOTE:I’ve installed Mesa-5.0 in my personal account and have changed the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable , this dos’nt seem to be the problem since the compilation problem.But could it be?(the problem, I mean)

I’ll be really grateful if we could get this worked out…

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