There is a C++ application and the app has two windows;Can I use opengl version1.1 in one window and use opengl version 3.3 in another window?

in one window,use opengl version 1.1;

in another window,use opengl version 3.3;

What you’re really asking is, with one application, can I render to two different windows using two different OpenGL contexts, where each context has been created targeting a different OpenGL version?

This is a function of your graphics drivers. Probably so. Try it and see:

  • Create windows A and B
  • Create GL context A targeting OpenGL version X.XX
  • Create GL context B targeting OpenGL version Y.YY
  • For all frames…
    • Bind GL context A on window A
    • Draw
    • Bind GL context B on window B
    • Draw

@Dark_Photon Thanks! I will try it .

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