The very basics...


I have been learning C in preparation for developing a game I have an idea for.

My current dilemma is which way now? Essentially I need to know if Opengl would be a good thing to learn… Can you combine it with C and are there books to teach you how?

Do I HAVE to learn C++ first?

The game i envision being 2d and 16 bit initially anyway.

What route did any of you take to using Opengl?

you can see I am struggling here. Any tips?

C++ is not required at all. It could make your work easier, but OpenGL works fine with C. As for learning OpenGL, I am going to sound like a broken record, but
has a bunch of great tutorials

I really enjoyed the book: “OpenGL Game Programming” it goes from making your first windows window to your first 3d game w/ opengl. Watch out though, it has alot of the tutorials at the end w/ C++. For the most part the book deals w/ C! A good buy!

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personally, i think the openGL red book is the best. its all in c (not c++) and it uses glut, so you arent confined to windows (which isnt a nice platform to develop on, especially when a bug in your program can restart your computer ). also, its written in a very readable form ( i read it while on vacation with my family, no where near a computer, cover to cover…)

btw, openGL is written entirely in c (because it was written before c++ existed, or was at least finalized…), however, c++ makes it very easy to develop programs, because its easy to add things, and change parts without affecting the rest of your program. i think that if i didnt know c++ i would have given up on big projects a long time ago… (plus, new kicks malloc’s ass )