The vendor-specific implementation about "EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT"

Hi guys

Our customer and i have a different opinion.

Customer said “In the test, that expects an error, no error occurs when the following attribute is specified in eglCreateWindowSurface().”

  • #define EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT 0x302A
  • #define EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_PIXELS 0x302B
  • #define EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_WIDTH 0x302C
  • #define EGL_NATIVE_VISUAL_ID 0x302E

When I checked our vendor code and I checked EGL spec.
It said

So, I said “it can be ignored” to our customer.

But, our customer refuted with below opinion.

So i refuted with below opinion.

And for the official answer, i asked this phenomenon to the vendor, they said “we implemented it like your opinion(me)”

I shared our-vendor’s answer with my comment “OpenGL & EGL is vendor-specific implemented.”

But, customer don’t agree my answer and claim “we think that attribute(such as EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT) shouldn’t be ignored”.

Anyway, our-vendor’s OpenGL ES passed Khronos Conformance Test and is released to customer.
So, Doesn’t it don’t care if EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT is ignored?

I really don’t understand our customer’s opinion.
So that i want to heard the opinion of khronos forum

Best Regards

IANAL, nor am I on a Khronos board. That said, this paragraph in the EGL 1.5 Spec suggests pretty strongly that the EGL_MAX_PBUFFER_... enums are used by the EGL implementation to tell the application what limits it supports (e.g. via eglGetConfigs()). The application doesn’t get to negotiate this. It’s a given. And the quote you found indicates that these will be skipped, if found in an attrib_list provided by the client to the EGL implementation, and describes the algorithm to be used for skipping them.

While AFAICT the spec doesn’t call out one of these opinions as invalid, I think it sides with the way the vendor implemented it and the way you expected it to work. There’s no explicit requirement for the EGL implementation to complain in the case the customer is calling out, and it says in the EGL spec that it should ignore these attrs if found, not flag an error.