The PSHader with point sprites

Hey all, long time lurker, never registered until now.

I am working on a vp40 particle system, got the framebuffers all working properly, vertex shader is setup properly… now it comes time to draw. (using OGL 2.0)

What call or calls in the pixelShader do I use to render the actual points texture? Right now I am trying just tex2D(texture,float2(0,0)); but that apparantly is not right hehe

The OGL render code is just a simpl DrawArray(points,0,numPoints); do I add anything there also?


I got the particles to render, but now all I need to know how to do is to set the texture from the pixel shader.

use a uniform. get the uniform location. to set glsl texture: glUniform(location,0) <<— this sets your texture0