The problem of including OpenMAXAL_IID.h

Current OpenMAXAL.h has some problem of including OpenMAXAL_IID.h.

If OpenMAXAL application includes OpenMAXAL.h, the application has static constant variables in OpenMAXAL_IID.h.

In this case, static constant variables in OpenMAXAL_IID.h are duplicated.
Therefor, I think, the header file of OpenMAXAL_IID.h should be included only in OpenMAXAL library, not in OpenMAXAL application.

The 111th-line of OpenMAXAL.h can be removed and OpenMAXAL_IID.h can be included in OpenMAXAL library.


Thank you for providing feedback. The working group is updating the header set to include the IIDs in a ā€˜Cā€™ source file instead of the header file.