The pipeline newsletter number 4 is...

…not up yet. :frowning:

Anyone know when it’s coming?


There’s still several days left in the month. You can complain when it’s June :wink:

u mean july
as its meant to be published quarterly

as its meant to be published quarterly
No, they’re published every three months. The first was in August, the next in November, the next in February, and the next in May.

Volume 001 - Q3 2006
Volume 002 - Q4 2006
Volume 003 - Q1 2007

though youre right if theyve been posted until now every 3 months its a dangerous precedence to start letting the target date slip

BTW - i could do the conversion to pdf if need be

Originally posted by Korval:
There’s still several days left in the month. You can complain when it’s June :wink:
Ok, it’s June now, I’m complaining :smiley:


Ok, it’s June now, I’m complaining
Feel free. I’m right with you.

hey, we could always be hopeful that it has been delayed due to LP progress and big news on that front…

Yes, I’m hoping for this in Issue 4:

Longs Peak complete, drivers now available!

Well I can dream can’t I?


Seems everybody thinks/dreams the same things here… :smiley:


I am quite excited…more than any other gl development I’ve witnessed. A new broom sweeps clean.

It is excites for me as well.
I wonder what this means for Mesa. Will they be making another project for the new API?

I’d be happy with just a spec announcement, a spec to program towards is better than no spec at all… it’s totally put a halt on any OGL work I was going to do :frowning:

It would be nice if Mr Gold, Mr Leech or even Mr Lichtenbelt would lets us know how Longs Peak is going.


Just leave them to it. Designing a graphics api is not a trivial task. However, I do think it should take less time than the FBO farce, as they’ve got a free reign to do what they want, without having to consider the knock on effects on legacy elements.

Howdy, all.

OpenGL Pipeline is quarterly, with issues in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The spring issue still has a few weeks before it’s officially late. :slight_smile:

I just returned today from a 2 week paternity leave that interrupted our normal flow, but I promise you’ll have something before spring turns to summer! It’s nice to know our words are so eagerly anticipated. I’m sure Mr. Gold, Mr. Leech, Mr. Lichtenbelt, etc. will be encouraged. :cool:


congrats on the baby,


P.S. If you haven’t decided on a name yet, here are a few ideas: