The opengl XML database

I recently thought about the idea of creating a complete XML database of all opengl functions/extensions/tokens + basic documentation. Such database may be very interesting for automatic genaration of extension loading libraries, doc files or simply as quick reference. All in all, I’m interesting of creating such a database. It could be also a nice addition to the wiki :slight_smile:
Now the big question is if someone of you did something like that before, as I’m bit horrified about such huge amount of work. :wink: I know that Tom Nuydens has(or had) such database for his generation tool, but I am not shure if it is up to date. All in all, it would be nice if someone could share his thought/data on the topic.

I have a project at
There is a sub-project named ‘glloader’. It contains XML database of all opengl functions/extensions/tokens. And automatic genaration is there, too.

Thanks for your reply!

Would you mind when I’ll use it as backbon eof my own database?