The Opalis-Demo is released!!!

After six months of work (not continuously of course) Opalis is released on my homepage:

The Demo runs on Windows, is written in C and uses OpenGL for all its graphics. You should own a Pentium III 500 or better CPU, a Riva TNT-class graphic-board and a soundcard. The demo defaults to a resolution of 800x600 pixels in current colordepth (16 or 32bit).
On Windows NT 4.0 you can just start the demo , on Win9x you have to switch off the “always on top”-checkbox of the taskbar. (Win2000 is untested at this time)



P.S.: I would like to get any response…

Schönes Demo, melde dich mal bei !!! brauchen noch coders !

Tja, leider muss ich arbeiten und habe nur sehr begrenzt Zeit, um sowas zu schreiben.

thought i’m the only german speaking guy here… (why do i write that in english :slight_smile: )

because this is an international board…

The new version of Opalis is released now. I fixed a “bug” (more a workaround) which prevents GeForce graphic-cards to use hardware acceleration.

Tip: don’t use glHint( GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH_HINT, GL_NICEST ) if your demo should run on a GeForce. It runs only with GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH_HINT, GL_DONT_CARE )!!

Enjoy the show.

P.S.: the ijl10.dll-bug is also fixed

Why did you use that in the first place? Where you doing antialiased triangles?

Nice work. All though the music and the effects weren’t synced.

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I think the glHint(…) is a relict of a very early version of the demo. The music is not synchroniced with the graphics because i choosed the music in a very late stadium and because I’m a terrible composer.