The need for daeZAEUncompressHandler.cpp

Greetings everyone, I just joined the forums to ask about the missing link symbols below:

  • daeZAEUncompressHandler::obtainRootFilePath()
  • daeZAEUncompressHandler::daeZAEUncompressHandler( const daeURI& )
  • daeZAEUncompressHandler::~daeZAEUncompressHandler()

A quick search took me to two different resources, the SourceForge discussion and a previous discussion regarding boost (I have not posted in the boost thread as I had no trouble with boost).
In the latter,

In fact, recompiling the lib with this file added to the source solved the issue. Reading the discussions, it seems that some users are not experiencing the problem, I suppose this file could be somehow conditionally included. I admittedly didn’t check the implementation as I’m a total beginner with it and I wouldn’t get the rationale anyway.

I still wonder why the file isn’t included (sorry, but it’s hard to believe it was forgotten).