The most realistic bullet holes.

Tell me please, whose algorithm I would like to use for the most realistic bullet holes. I want to have algorithm for video cards as GeForce 480. I just bad know it’s capability. May be they can do CSG runtime or something more…

Someone know?

There is no algorithm. You load up Photoshop, and draw some on a texture, and use that. You should be able to find some free Photoshop brushes with bullet hole variations.

Usually bullet holes are not really holes (you can not look through them), but simply textures put onto a small quad that is places on top of the object that was hit. To improve the quality of the effect you may want to look at using bump/normal maps and parallax mapping.
Retessalating geometry to get real holes would likely be difficult and slow (data in VBOs needs to be changed and reuploaded, etc.).

“data in VBOs needs to be changed and reuploaded, etc.”
hey, I can use OpenCL because I use GeForce 480 =) .

Hm… Some moment ago I thought that someone knows realistic algorithm for bullet holes. But now…