The Gray Screen Of Death Returns

i formatted my hard drive after all the probs i had with it,partitioned my drive,loaded Q2 on to the second drive, and it worked OK,loaded the latest version of Nvidia’s driver V12.41,put Q3 back on and all i get again! is this damn gray screen
Obviously i’m not too cluey on this stuff so any ideas?
My CPU is :P3 500mhz,128sdram,Nvidia TNT2M64

i forgot to ask,when i downloaded V12.41 it went to the partition without the games on it.will that make a difference?
oh yeah i also downloaded Dx8 too.

No, where you placed the download should not matter if only the installation was a success. Q3 should run fine with your hardware.

I have heard a rumor that this can happen on old win9X systems but starting from a DOS prompt works. Sounds weird so I do not know if it is true. You can try it by open a DOS window and type “cd dirname” until you are in the Q3 directory. Once in the right dir can you type the name of the exe like “quake3” followed by return and the game should run.(?)

Another more realistic option is perhaps to try change the BIOS settings.

i think itold you last time to install the via 4in1 but was unaware of you cpu,its not meant for your mobo.
did you follow the instructions exactly to the formatting and reinstaling of windows,
Direct x first then drivers.

make a dedicated download file on your desktop so it makes it easier to remember were you downloaded it to.

i downloaded the ziped nvidia drivers as the executable file didnt work for me,they are a bit harder to install but if you follow the insructions you should have no problem.
May be you should try that.

You live in australia what city?

i reply to cpu i just a P3 450,w/TNT m64,128ram,i think my motherboard is a Micro ATX 82440zx.i followed ur instructions excactly for formatting the drive and it went purfect,i just alredy made a dedicated download file on my second partition,yes i loaded dx8 then the latest driver,and i live in melbourne.
funny tho,if i want to play online with gamespy,usually the first time the screen goes grey,i Ctrl,Alt + delete then the second no probs.

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