the Genesis 3D engine

hi, i’ve got the genesis 3d engine here, i wonder if there’s a port of the graphics driver to OpenGL anywhere,'cause it features only DirectX,Glide and software mode… another question: i’ve never seen Gilde-code before i got the Genesis3D, and i noticed that the Glide API looks VERY similar to OpenGL; what are the main differences of the both, and will Glide be supported in the future, i.e. does it make sense to let my engine support glide??

Glide is 3dfx specific, so you really must have time and money to make a glide-engine in addition to your normal engine (say OpenGL or DX).

Either that or be bored

Maybe you can MAKE money by doing a Glide
engine? Would 3dfx dump money on you for
doing that? :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be very likely, since modern 3dfx cards ship with an opengl driver. It may be in their interrest to program a glide-only engine, but I don’t think that developers today would even think about that option…

3dfx comitted to dumping glide a year ago in their roadmap. Granted its fast, and its fairly simple, but the truth is that 3dfx considers it a legacy product.