The ever slippery MultitextureARB extension

Hi all,

Quick question about the multitexture extension.

I have set up GL so that texture unit0 gets assigned one texture and unit1 gets another different texture. Then I render a model and it appears to come out blended (albeit very dark).
[I’m using MODULATE for tex env 0 and BLEND for tex env 1]

My question is how do I access the various blending modes e.g. say I want the following in one pass…

(unit0)src GL_ZERO (unit1)dst GL_DST_COLOR

Do I need to go after the ‘combiner’ extensions?? or am i missing something?

I have had no luck finding any code anywhere not even on to do this very basic task - this baffles me somewhat since gl has such a good reputation. Lots of people seem to be asking the same question on various boards but no solid answers.

Anyway if anyone could help me out I’d be most greatfull.