The events relative to the playback.

I find the following event relative to the XAPlayItf interface:
#define XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADATEND ((XAuint32) 0x00000001)
#define XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADATMARKER ((XAuint32) 0x00000002)
#define XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADATNEWPOS ((XAuint32) 0x00000004)
#define XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADMOVING ((XAuint32) 0x00000008)
#define XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADSTALLED ((XAuint32) 0x00000010)

Now I want to know when the OpenMAX AL will send the event to the application; in other words, what event will be sent when the following operation occurs: play, seek, pause,resume, stop.

The section describing XA_PLAYEVENTs makes this clear.

XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADATEND Playback head is at the end of the current content and the player has stopped.
XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADATMARKER Playback head is at the specified marker position.
XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADATNEWPOS Playback head is at a new position (period between notifications is specified in by application).
XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADMOVING Playback head has begun to move.
XA_PLAYEVENT_HEADSTALLED Playback head has temporarily stopped moving.

When playing (including after a seek or resumed), the first three events occur whenever the head passes over the designated position (end, marker, new pos) the event is sent and the last two events are sent when the head goes from not moving to moving and moving to not moving respectively.

In other words, the events’ timing are meant to be self evident.