The DOM was unable to create an element


I have compiled Collada DOM and was creating sample application using the programming guide, simply loading a dae file and then saving it out again.

The file does save, but the original data is missing. When the file is loaded I get numerous ‘The DOM was unable to create an element type’ style messages, starting with things as simple as the copyright, authoring_tool, author and so on.

It’s easy to see why the file created with DAE::saveAs() doesn’t save out what I try to load, but does anyone have a clue why the load fails?


By default the DOM is compiled for 1.3 so if u use the suppiled 1.4 DAE files it cracks it and goes running home to mama! By altering the Makefile (a. assuming your using said Makefile b. and you haven’t already done so and I’m wasting my time :smiley: ) in the root directory. If your not using the Makefile, VC probably defaults to 1.3 as well but I have yet to compile it in windows so I can help you there! :slight_smile:

I have compiled the Windows libraries with studio .NET and have linked in 1.4 libs.

I just figured out the problem, 1.3 dae files processing with libs 1.4.

Wow, I didn’t think things would have changed that much, especially with it just being a little file, screwing up on copyright, etc.

Oh…well, now need Blender 1.4 exporter. At least now I compiled against 1.3 libs it is working and I am unstuck.