The Blender Publisher 2.25 game engine has reverted to 16bit colors, had 32bit ,how?

Hey Guru’s, I’m needing help - bad, and I’m hoping I’ll get it here. And I’m also hoping to save some people the headache I am now having…heh
Amd Athlon XP 1.4 ghz/768ddr266 ram\266fsb
Windows XP Pro
“ATI” Radeon 9500 pro
*Opengl32.dll v5.1.2600.1106
*glu32.dll v5.1.2600.0
32bit textures that I once ran in The Blender Publisher 2.25’s Game Engine section on Win 98se (same computer but had nvidia gf2) now only display in 16 bit color in 3d window …all wavy and banded.The strangest thing is, in the texture “load” window/and on animations, they are still 32bit. ( at same time! ) I’ve surfed for the answer at least 40 hours, and I can’t solve it. I’ve tried copying the 2 ogl files to the blenders folder >same deal. The closest I got to fixing it was I put an old Opengl32.dll version (4 something)in that same folder and it did FINALLY display 32 bit colors again, only to crash 2 seconds after I saw how degraded the performance was,(confirming definate Opengl driver problems - The whole programs based on it)…so I took them back out.
How can I fix this,I’m sure it’s as simple as dropping 1 file in a folder, but which Version of the file and what folder? hmm
I also noted that in Windows\system32 folder, the 2 files can’t be deleted,well they can/but re - appear, The same goes w/overwriting,the prompt to overwrite appears, and I click yes and it acts normal…then I check version wow! same.(5.1.2600.1106) < also, THAT #s the same the Win XP version. I’ve Posted all over, Can somebody shine some light? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…I’ll check back.

Another quick note I forgot,I have all the Msoft updates,the latest Radeon drivers.My mboard bios are up to the minute, and games like mohaa etc. give me no problems that I see running , or displaying at all.:rolleyes

I think there is a bug in the ATI drivers, that when you set the texture quality to the highest setting, textures where converted down to 16 bit.

I hope they fix it ASAP.

Ya? hmm I’ll check it out.It’s not in all programs though, I do have 32bit color in others, I even got an opengl tester it registers that I have 32bit and looks like it too,( has a teapot animation)seems limited to blender. thanks for the input.