The best version of OpenGl to start learning it

Hello all,

I’ve got two good resources for starting OpenGL both using the C++ language:
[i]LearnOpenGL - i]
OpenGL Programming Guide 9th Edition

The former starts teaching by OpenGL ver 3.3 and the latter by 4.5 while both call themselves teaching “modern OpenGL”!!
At the time being I’m reading both. But I wanted to ask you that while there is distance between 3.3 and 4.5 first which one is correct to be called modern? And which one is better for starting as a beginner?


Well, I would like to say that the first thing you should learn is that this forum is for OpenGL ES. I’d like to say that, but apparently I don’t have to, since you already posted this question in the proper place.

So instead, I’ll say that the first thing you should learn is that OpenGL ES is not the same thing as what the OpenGL Programming Guide teaches you, which is desktop OpenGL. So this question is essentially off-topic for this forum.

What do you mean by OpenGL ES? And what sorts of questions can I ask here please?

I mean “OpenGL ES”. Feel free to Google terms you don’t understand.

You can ask questions about OpenGL ES. But you cannot ask questions about desktop OpenGL. OpenGL ES doesn’t have a version 3.3 or 4.5 yet, so your question must have been talking about desktop OpenGL.

Ow, for embedded systems. But I’ve just started OpenGL. So I can’t start it for now therefore since this forum is not for OpenGL it’s not for me either!

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