the bad stencil buffer support

I am writing a project which requires stencil buffer support, and the video card I am using(G200) can only provide software emulation of that. If the software emulation is just slower than HW, that is just OK, I can stand with that. But I can not even get the correct output with stencil buffer. When ever I enable the stencil test, the shadow(in a shadow volume) is twisted. I fight with the code for hours, only to find that under a card with hardware stencil buffer support(currently, a rage128), it runs perfectly. Is the win32 OpenGL library that bad? Or does it matter with the G200 driver?

the windows opegengl libary doesn’t support opengl 1.2, so if you don’t have a card with hardware stencil support you can’t use the stencil buffer in software.

Stencil buffers are no 1.2 features.

oops was misstaken, stencil test is supported…so forget what i wrote…