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so that means if i have Microsoft Visual C++ there is already an opengl sdk in it? (and that i just have to install VC++ and start programming opengl and not worry about anything else)?

thanx alot for your help and replies. you guys are getting me to the right track.

will you mind telling me from where did you guys get the opengl sdk?


There is a simple OpenGL SDK included with VC++ 6, without GLUT or any of its header or library files, but the OGL SDK can be updated for peek performance.

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i’m using a book “opengl game programming --by kevin hawkins”. in this book it is written that all the header files and librabries of opengl are already set in thier directories when VC++ 6 is installed. is that correct?

All but GLUT. And there is an OpenGL2 SDK which has some updated headers and libraries, but that shouldn’t make much of a difference.

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To download GLUT goto:


If Windows 98

· Extract all .dll files to your Windows root directory.

If Windows 2000

· Extract all .dll files to your Windows\System32 directory.

If Visual C++ 6.0

· Extract all .h files to \VC98\Include\GL
· Extract all .lib files to \VC98\lib

Nate’s GLUT Zip file has a extraction problem, when extracting, it extracts to the folder you tell it to and it will create a folder called “glut-3.7.6-bin” which then you will need to pull the files out of that folder and put it in the correct folders.

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and where can i get the opengl2 SDK? tnx.

hi nomad82,
try downloading opengl2 sdk from

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