Thanks Jimbo for your help!

I have an HP Pavilion 4540.Pentium III Processor. Onboard 64-bit 3-D AGP Graphics Accelerator. I have an HP Pavilion 4540 stock Intel Celeron 433MHz, with 4 MB ATI Rage IIC graphics card with AGB slot for future upgrades. The open-GL web page said that the environment is not combatible with my card. Do you know of a driver that I can download that will correct my problems?

When I load the game the main menu comes up, but when I click Play, the game crashes. Error message reads: Could not initalize open-GL environment.

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i think your best bet would be to upgrade your video card to an open gl compatible card
as i am sure the built in card will not support open gl
or most of the latest games
try playing your games with another API (Application Proggramming Interface) renderer
(ie: microsofts direct-x d3d) if applicable.
if you choose to upgrade, as i reccomend you should, as built in graphics cards are ussually very average, espesially if they only got 4mb of ram.
if you choose to do so i reccomend the nividia geforce 2 mx, but be careful not to get the 200 version or any version that says M64 as these are inferior to the ones labeled mx 400 or the original mx video cards released, which may be harder to get, so to be safe go for the ge force mx 400,
although this card may be a bit of over kill for compter, considering the speed of your processer,
the price diffrence between the tnt 2 and a geforce mx 400 is minor considering you will be able to use it in future upgrades.
its agp not agb maybe its just the spelling

if you got any questions just post a message!