TGA's software

Recently, i found the TGA 's texture format, that enable billboarding.

The problem is that i don’t know how to modify the “mask” of the picture.
I succeed to open the texture with Paint shop pro but it doesn’t works for the Alpha.

What software would you suggest to make it?

I use photoshop.

If you wish to get access to the alpha channel, follow thoses steps:

-create a new bitmap,
-save it as a tga (select 32 bit in the dialog)
-close your current bitmap
-reload from the tga you have just created
-Look at the tab ‘channel’ (in the layer view) the alpha is the 4rth one. If you select it you will only draw on the alpha channel.

hope this will help

Alright, thank you for your advice, i’m going to use Photoshop instead of Psp.


Just for your information, Paint Shop Pro, since version 5 has always supported alpha. Even with TGA’s. You simply load the TGA, then select Load Mask from alpha. Then you may select Edit Mask to edit the alpha plane.
That’s the most easy way, though not necessarily the most intuitive.

Thank you, you’re right, psp support that !
I had’nt seen it, it’s really cool.

Finally i go on with psp7 :slight_smile: