Tga files...

where can I find a viewer to see these? mspaint and imaging can’t open them . I know GIMP under linux can easily do this, but under windows? I don’t own photoshop either, any ideas?

Paint Shop Pro
Graphic Workshop
to name a few
Just search for them in the Internet.

There’s a windows version of the GIMP and it can read TGA files too.

I don’t know if you want to view 32-bits TGA files, but most of the standard answers like Paint Shop Pro, cannot view the alpha channel for 32-bits TGA files.

Maybe i’m wrong, but at first glance, I only found the Gimp and Photo Shop having this feature.

One of the reasons why TGA files are so great for texturing is that they have their own alpha-channel, which can be used in OpenGL RGBA format => drawing easily textures with transparent regions.

Hope this helps,


win32 gimp is perfect!