texturing under os X

please could anybody help me, im trying to texture a triangle with a tga, or jpg or whatever you want under OS X (10.4.8).

thanx in advance !

You haven’t described where your problem is. Are you having difficulty loading the image data (from where? disk?), or actually creating the GL texture object?

both ! thats why i didnt specify ! :frowning:


Mac-specific documentation .

yeah thank you so much guys !
But i m programming in C++ ! None of the links you gave me talka bout c++ OpengL for mac…
Could any of you post a sample of a program written in C++ usin OpenGL and texturing… lets say a triangle please ?


interesting link… but i do know C++ !

No ofence. calm down…

I recomend a library called SDL. SDL allows you to use openGL on any OS with out porting the code.


To set up SDL I recomend the tutorials from:

I also recomend nehe.gamedev.net.
At the buttom of many of their tutorials you will find a version of the code for SDL. They have plenty of tutorials on making triangles and texturing.

If you any problems trying to do wat you are trying to do, tell us specifcally wat you are having problems with.

okay thank you very much !!

there is one prob … I dont manage to install it…

no more problem…