Texturing in 3dsmax -> OpenGL

Hi there,

Gotta quick question: SurfaceSuite is that tool that lets you manipulate texture coordinates directly rather than through a mapping function (spherical, shrink wrap, etc). Can the texture coordinate data in SurfaceSuite for 3dsmax be exported (to be imported into an opengl program)? If not, are there any other tools out there (possibly shareware) that might let me work with texture coordinates and then export them?


If it modifies the UVW directly,why can you not just export using one of the standard file formats, like 3ds, obj or VRML?

Maybe you could try collapsing the object before you export.

Yep, I’m guessing that’s what it’s doing, but I haven’t been able to find a demo of SurfaceSuite to test it out. Hopefully someone out there has actually used it for that purpose. (is it worth the 500 bucks?)

I have a simple gl interface to let me manually map vertices to texturemap-uv’s, but if SurfaceSuite does it nicely, I’d much rather do it in 3DS & export it. I definitely like the control vs. breaking up the model and using those mapping functions.

I ought to write a .3ds import routine, but for now, I’ve been exporting what I need with maxscript.