Texturing gives me horribly slow framerates. Why?


I have an AMD Thunderbird 900MHz, ATI Rage Fury 128 AGP (32Mb), and 96Mb PC100 RAM. When I texture some triangles in OpenGL (using Nehe’s code), my framerate drops horrifically. I have a theory that maybe it’s not being sent to video memory… any ideas on this? Why is it so slow?

The pixelformat might not be accelerated, if so you’re getting software rendering. Try switching to 16bit colour.

it does sound like u have software unacceleration try glGetString( GL_VENDOR )

I’m using 16 bit colour. My card does run 32 bit colour nice and quick though usually…

I’ve never used glGetString before, how can I display it?

char *str = glGetString( GL_VENDOR );
", str );

I think you gotta use char *str = (char *)glGetString( GL_VENDOR ) at least I have to for c++. But performance does tank when you use textures, especially if you use large textures. If you have blending etc on it’ll tank it even more.

Just to make sure that you aren’t making one of the common early mistakes, you aren’t by chance calling glTexImage2D every frame, are you?