Texturing and System Load??

Hi guys,
Got a little bit of an advanced problem for you - here is goes - I am working on a Sun Workstation Ultra 60 - (duel proccessors)(Solaris 7) and have a large program using OpenGL and Xmotif. I read in eight bitmap files to texture my openGL scene (a Globe)
Ok - We got the thing working without any problems last week on all three Sun Ultra 60s that we had. Yesterday - without worning one of the Ultra60s refused to display the textures for the OpenGL globe. My error logs said that all the files were being read in correctly - but the Globe came up as a big white circle (when that happens, usially there’s some problem reading in the files). Now - the code was not changed at ALL and the same program still worked fine on the other two identical Suns.
We noticed that the Sun that was not working had a rather high load put on it (from other users to the system, etc). My question is weather this high load could cause OGL texturing to not work?
Our system Admin was able to do something last night to the system, for now everything works perfectly - I have not been able to talk to him on what was done to the system - but I was curious on weather a high load on a computer could cause something like texturing not to work?

I know this is a wierd question - but if anyone has any insight - that would be great!!