I have two questions that I am struggling with.

  1. I am using projective texture mapping and I am experiencing “bleeding” of the image that I am projection. Basically if I move a plane closer to the source of the projection it shrinks correctly but I am getting smearing out toward the edges of the plane. Essentially, all I want on the rendered plane is the correctly sized/shaped projected texture, the rest should be black, but instead I am getting bleeding out toward the edges. Ultimately I am stuck and can’t seem to fix this. Any Suggestions?

  2. Accumulation via Textures:
    Another question I am struggling with is using the accumulation buffer. I would like to accumulate several renderings into a single plane, but I am confused how to do this via the glAccum function. It seems that I am only seeing the last rendering. The image data is stored via a texture. The textures are rotated and rendered for each plane. I would like to accumulate the sum of all of the rendered planes together to get my final image. Is there sample code that does something like this? Do I need to use copyPixel routines?

Thanks in advance for your help