I have a problem, I have a program, and now everynow and then the bitmaps just load as white. I can’t tell what causes it because eventually it will work. But it takes several attempts.

If you use glaux then sometimes that happens. I find that some bitmaps it doesn’t like but if you copy it make a new image paste and then save with mspaint then it will re-write the header and all will work. Now I use TGA which gives me transparency but also the loading code is very adaptable and so I have added a load of error checking which makes it a lot more stable. Look at NeHe.gamedev.net for some tutorials on TGA loading.

I had a similar problem. My bitmaps would load but then go white after about 10 seconds or so. I was loading bitmaps everytime I drew and the program was running really slow, also. So I loaded all the bitmaps before I drew anything and that fixed both the white-out problem and the speed problem. I don’t know if this applies to you but I figured I’d try to help.