Textures rippling when on angled geometry

I am creating a building in OpenGL which I have created in 3D Studio Max and I have exported all the vertices and mapped jpeg textures to everything which has worked really well apart from one thing.

Where the rafters run parallel with the roof, because it is at an angle and not vertical or horizontal, the textures ripple (go all wobbly where the two textures meet) when I move around the room. I have tried altering the texture with tiling but I cannot get around it.

I am new to OpenGL so this may be a common problem but I cannot find an answer on forums as I am not sure what to search for.

Any help will be appreciated

Can you post a screenshot of that?
I am quite interested, I may stumble in the same thing a day.

I don’t know how you post images to the forum but I have now worked out what it was. The objects were overlapping each other when I created them in Studio Max instead of touching and for some reason OpenGL didn’t like this when textures were added to the objects so I just went back to my .max model and adjusted a few bits and it looks good now.

If you want to see it let me know how to post an image on here and I will.

No thanks, it’s not really needed. I understand it was a simple overlapping problem.