textures not deleted?

GLintercept produces this:

GL Intercept Log. Version : 0.5 Compile Date: Dec 3 2005 Run on: Fri Feb 02 18:24:11 2007

Diagnostic: Unknown function glGetQueryObjecti64vEXT being logged.
Diagnostic: Unknown function glGetQueryObjectui64vEXT being logged.
ImageManager::Destructor - OpenGL id 1 is still active. (Image Memory leak?)
ImageManager::Destructor - OpenGL id 2 is still active. (Image Memory leak?)

Log End.

But also this:


which logs the calls to delete them.
I’m using only these 2 textures in my app.
What is happening?

This GLintercept info seems to disappear magically now, after a recompile (which basically did not changed anything)