Textures & fog

Hi, i’am using fog (or trying) and i have 2 problems till now. One is that i cant make the fog start far away, i mean, i use start and end but it seems like it starts in the middle??? the second one is that the fog colors all my textures, no matter how low the density is, the objects with textures get the color of the fog.

Thanks for any help =)

I am not completly sure but from what I know using GL_FOG_START and GL_FOG_END works only if fog mode is set to GL_LINEAR. Try it.

What do you mean by saying that all your textures are in fog color? I don’t know how can I help you really. Try be more specific. Meaby you should try changing fog color by
glFogfv(GL_FOG_COLOR, pfColor)?
Or meaby you just forgt to enable texturing -

Hope it helped…