Textures blurry on different PC?

The openGL game looks smooth on my 2 laptops I’ve ran it on, yet the textures looks blurred on my PC desktop.

I’m running the exact same project and configurations.

I have no idea what could be wrong :\

DevIL is the image library used to load the textures.

I have a screenshot, however these forums aren’t allowing me to link the picture so I’ve uploaded it to a blog.

It’s the first post on


What graphics cards and drivers are you using

ATI Radeon HD 5670

That’s a standard card. I can only suggest a difference in the handling of mipmaps on the too systems.

i think you should check your graphic drivers control panel. i’ve encountered similar results when in my nvidia control panel i set texture quality to “Performance”. i think for AMD cards, you should change catalyst A.I. settings to quality. these settings are not very noticeable in 3d environment, but for 2d rendering like gui, fonts and sharp retro-looking graphics it makes a lot of difference.

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