Textureing problem...

Hi to all

I have just one question…
I have one wall - big wall, created with 2 triangles
And this wall is texutred with bricks (the texture is tiled sometimes)
I want when i shot the wall i add new texture, which present the result of the shot.
How to do that?

Thank you

Find the Up and Right Vectors of the wall. Normalize them.

u = up vector
r = right vector
x,y = intersection with wall (where gun hit)

(x-u.x,y-r.y) (x+u.x,y-r.y)
(x-u.x,y+r.y) (x+u.x,y+r.y)

I think thats how it goes. Havn’t done decaling in a while

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Way offtopic…

Anyway, there’s a nice tutorial about decaling @ flipCode: http://www.flipcode.com/tutorials/tut_decals.shtml

Thanks a lot

You are right, the tuotiral is very good