texture.txt inside .kmz

Hi All,

Actually, I don’t understand the purpose of the texture.txt file inside .kmz files. Why not to refer to image files directly from within .dae files? Why should we refer to texture.txt file first and then fetch the image file name from there?

Thanks in advance.
Your answers would be appreciated very much.

I don’t understand it either. I’d love to know what Google/Keyhole’s rationale was for doing it that way. If you’re really curious you might want to ask on one of their forums. The design of the .kmz format has nothing to do with Collada.

I believe I read somewhere that it could be used to override interpreted texture locations. So a server based image could be replaced with a local one, or vice versa. Sorry I don’t really have time to check into this more right now, but I’m keeping an eye on two computers & 8 complete rebuilds going on right now :slight_smile: Just doing some light surfing while I’m waiting for compiles to complete (~20 minutes).

… I’m back … should’ve just Googled it the first time. See this page for details: http://code.google.com/apis/kml/documen … odels.html